Somos tiernos- Plaza de Toros, Bogotá

Last weekend the bullfight season started in Bogotá. Every sunday the police closes several blocks in order to “guarantee” the safety of the aficionados.
“Olé, Olé” echoes from the Bullfighting Ring, Santa María. On the other side of the barricades one can hear the demonstrators screaming “No más Olé” and “Asesinos”. The dark embraces Bogotá, the Torre Colpatria is lit up and as every evening the same message is displayed on the tower. First, a message against animal cruelty and a photo of a small, cute and mistreated monkey. And later a message of love; we are strong, we are delightful, we are each other/others, my life, my love. And in the background you can still hear the “Olé, Olé” from the bullring, the drums. But where is the love?

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