The Caribbean Coast, Costa Rica

Down from the green hills of Alajuela and San José we drove towards the lush yet relaxed coast of the Caribbean unknown flowers and wild vegetation in Puerto Viejo the beaches of Cahuita not yet so crowded but rather photogenic, a Crusoe dream along the trail to explore foreign spieces hungry racoons shy hermit crabs and attention seeking monkeys- all free in the wild still, the civilisation exist   in a slower pace to the tones of reggae plantain and hammocks a sight so common yet so foregin, for us

Alajuela, Costa Rica

We arrived to Costa Rica during a thunderstorm and pouring rain. After waiting for almost two hours to get through the immigration we finally met up with Daniel, our host from Couchsurfing our first days here. We could not have gotten a better introduction to Costa Rica. Daniel and his flatmate Ignacio gave us an unforgettable welcome and of course they showed us around along the hillslopes and coffeplantations surrounding their appartment, inviting us to some amazing views over the Central Valley and the capital San Jose. We have now been in Costa Rica for 3 days but I still…

El Carmen Arcotete, Chiapas

Out of the city we walked Along the colourful streets of San Cristóbal de las Casas The cobblestone turned to gravel And we entered the lush mountains Rolling green and blue hills As long as the eye could see Chiapas In search for the Mammoth we entered the earth Down below another world Where the bishops went for recreation El Carmen Arcotete and La Quinta del Obispo   but no bishops where seen   and no bells where ringing only an alone church tower towards the sky and Mayans whom still cultivates their land