Schwangau, Bavaria

As the second day of my last vacation week for this summer is coming to an end, it might be time to finally go through the photos I took during my four-day stay in and around Schwangau (Bavaria) in June.  Life has changed quite a bit since last time I posted something here so instead of heading north, to Sweden for midsummer, did I drive south to Schwangau. Four days. Two books. No plans. Mountains and sun. A rather easy equation to figure out I suppose. Ill ty to keep this quick and painless (is that even a saying in English?!) Kort och smärtfritt/ kurz und schmertlos- allt som allt- palla dra ut på det.

Day one:

Arrival. Schloss Neuschwanstein. I got the puzzle for Christmas. The real version did not miss a piece- but it was rather dark inside. The guy, Ludwig II aka Ludde, who lived there seemed to have been obsessed with swans. I guess that we all have our peculiarities.

Schloss Neuschwanstein

Day Two:

Hike to Säuling. Amazing day. I met very few hikers on my way up, just a lot of military who happened to have a three day exercise in the area. Managed to take a wrong turn on my way down. Ended up in Austria. Three hour detour. Rather standard for being me. Had to drink beer at the only hotel in the village and take the bus back. Great success.

Jesus chillin on cross with the sun in his face

Day Three:

Tegelberg and Füssen. Lazyday. I took the cable car to the top. Did a short hike from the peak and then I walked the 3,5 hours down to my hotel . Kneippbecken, Weissbier and Currywürst.

Säuling seen from Tegelberg

Day Four:

Got up early. Walked around the lake. Drove back to Neustadt and managed to take the wrong exit in Speyer. Two ours of traffic jam for the last 20 minutes back home.

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