Japan: Hiroshima and Tokyo day ten to fourteen

Our visit in Hiroshima was short but intense. We arrived, we got together with some locals in a small bar, and we got lost. We woke up far to late the next day and toured the Atom Bomb Memorial Site with the hangover of the year. It did not make the sights and the storied in the museum any easier to process. The museum was very crowded but it left us both very touched. In the evening we were invited by a Japanese couple that we met in the bar the evening before. They had a tempura restaurant located in the center of Hiroshima and their 12 year old daughter translated while we worked ourselves through the 10 course dinner.

The A-Bomb Dome, Hiroshima
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, Hiroshima
Christimas decorations, Hiroshima

We spent the last two days in Tokyo doing the things we did not have time for the first time. Visiting the Shibuya crossing, eat a bit more, go for another walk among the neon lights in the Akihabara area and to buy the last things before we flew back to a grey Germany on the first of December.

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