Obertsdorf- Krumbacher Höhenweg

To my surprise I was not alone in the dorm when I woke up around 07:30. Only one or two persons were gone and the rest were still sleeping. I looked out through the window and decided to sleep for another hour minutes before I started to collect my belongings and pack my backpack for the last days hike. The fog outside the window was as thick and white as the day before and with a slight disappointment I went down for a coffee. In front of me was the Krumbacher Höhenweg, a panorama trail that should offer stunning views as well as being very easy to walk. I waited another hour for the fog to lift and started to walk shortly after 10:00 AM. The trail went slightly downhill from the Minderheimer Hütte and after a few hundred meters I got the first glimpse of some mountain peaks and the blue sky.

After one hour or so the trail went in two directions. Since I had to catch a train back to Heidelberg the later this day I turned right in direction Guggersee and Birgsau. At the trail crossing I met an older German couple who were starring through their binoculars and chatting frenetically with each other. At one of the mountain slopes 10-15 mountain goats were grassing and enjoying the suddenly good weather. We talked for a couple of minutes before I broke up and continued my walk. The trail was dry and the sun was heating the rugged pine tree leaving a scent of pine sap in the warm air.

Shortly before I reached Guggersee (1702 m.a.s.l.) (the Gugger Lake) I passed a rather windy and airy part of the trail. Trying to not look down I focused on a small barn located half a kilometer down the trail. At Guggersee I enjoyed my last lunch in the open for this time and got company from five other hikers heading in the other direction. From Guggersee down to Birgsau the trail was heading straight down. I probably used one and a half hour to walk the last part down to the valley. Both me and my knees prefer to walk uphill and I have to admit that I was struggling with the last kilometers before I reached the valley.

Together with two Germans I crossed a meadow with grassing cows before I reached the bus stop. I realized rather fast that the next bus was about to leave in 30 minutes, so I decided to walk to the Feldhornbahn and catch the bus back to Oberstdorf. A few hours later my train left for Heidelberg and I had already started to plan next year’s hiking trip. Even if the weather is better in southern Germany as in Scandinavia it is hard for the country to compete with our nature and the silence. But I had finally got a first impression of what the German mountains have to offer during the summer and autumn months.

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