Oberstdorf – die Mindelheimer Hütte

The day started the same way as the day before. I woke up and I was alone. This time totally alone. Down in the restaurant 10 people were having breakfast and the other hundred were long gone. It was 06:30 AM. Overhearing the conversations down in the restaurant the evening before it seemed like the majority of the hikers were either going to hike the Heilbronnerhöhenweg or were heading back down after doing the same hike. A few came from the Mindelheimerhütte on the other side of the valley and that’s where I was heading this morning.

As I finished my coffee, the lower part of the trail and valley was still covered in fog. Not long after I started to walk I was captured in the fog myself. It was a peaceful and one of the most beautiful parts of the trail so far. Even if I were not able to enjoy the view, the silence and the short glimpses of the mountain peaks hiding on the other side of the thick white wall contributed to a magical couple of hours.

The trail passed by the Schrofenpass, a very airy pass on the boarder to Austria. A part of me was a bit disappointed that I missed the view from this part on the trail and another part of me were grateful for not being able to see what was hidden behind the fog. When I reached the valley I took a small lunch break in the company of a family of Marmots. It was cooler down in the valley and after a short look at the map I estimated that I would be able to reach the Mindelheimerhütte within one and a half hour. The ascending to the mountain hut was steep but the trail was well maintained and rather eacy to walk. I arrived in perfect time for another cup of coffee and an apfelstrudel with vanilla sauce before a group of 50 children between 10-12 years old arrived together with accompanying teachers. It would be a lie to say that the afternoon remained calm and peaceful. The lights went out at 22.00, the kids were asleep and after a rather heavy dinner and a couple of beers together with some other hikers I was also happy to go to bed, another night in a shared bunkbed and probaly another morning waking up in an empty room.

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