Oberstdorf- die Rappensee Hütte

When I woke up around 07:00 almost everyone in my shared dorm was gone. Just a few backpacks were waiting by the wall and down in the restaurant two groups of men were having breakfast and talking about their coming hike. I sat down and got my scrambled eggs and coffee served at the table. Looking out the window I could tell that it would be a less sunny day then the today before. I took my time and enjoyed the view and my coffee. After all my goal of the day was the Rappenseehütte, a mountain hut located only an hours walk from the Enzianhütte, and a shorter tour to the Hochrappenkopf, a peak located 2423 m.a.s.l. After a quick morning routine I repacked by backpack and started to walk.

As I arrived to the Enzianhütte the afternoon before, rescue and mountain patrol helicopters circled the area. The trail towards the Rappenseehütte normally crosses a larger snowfield. Unfortunately the snowfield broke the morning before when a hiker crossed it so the mountain patrol had to re-routed the trail. The new trail led steep down a ravine and then again up on the other side with the help of a climbing rope and through a hole in the snowfield.

I crossed the ravine together with a German couple and thereafter continued the walk alone, enoying the gray weather. After a hot summer it slowly came to my mind how I have missed this type of weather. Slightly windy and gray clouds, like back in Scandinavia. Just before reaching Rappenseehütte I saw something moving in the corner of my eye. As a turned around I stood eye to eye with three marmots. I have seen my fair share of Lemmings during my years in Norway but have to admit that I was surprise over the size of the Marmots.

After a short break at the Rappenseehütte I left my the majority of my belongings in a storage room to get rid of some weight in my backpack. Since it was not even noon I decided to walk up to the Hochrappenkopf. The hike took a bit over one hour with a couple of photo breaks and pauses. I enjoyed my packed lunch 2423 m.a.s.l. before I turned back to the Rappenseehütte to check in.

Check in started at 14.00 and I pretty soon realized that they were only handing out beds for fifteen minutes and then one had to wait until next full hour. Consequently, I had to take another trip to the restaurant and order another coffee and a piece of cheesecake while I was waiting for my bed. One hour later after leaving my backpack in the room I returned down to the restaurant where new hikers were walking in every minute. I think that this was the biggest contrast with hiking in Scandinavia. The German “Hüttenkultur”, where people actually seem to enjoy each other’s company, talking and drinking with people they do not know whilst wearing Adidas bathing slippers accompanied with socks and ordering the next huge plate with Kaiserschmarrn after another first seemed rather strange to me.

First of all, we do not have this big huts in the mountains, and if we had you would not be able to enjoy food of this quality and alcohol in thins quantity. This evening I shared table with an older coupe from Baden-Baden who was on their way back home after a longer holiday in the Italian Alps and decided to stop by Oberstdorf on their way home. At 22.00 lights were out and the ones who was not already sleeping went off to bed.

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