Oberstdorf – die Enzian Hütte

„Logan, don´t be so bloody English. They are Germans and they will not let you through! You´ll have to get out of the bloody train now”!

After changing to a regional train bound for Oberstdorf in Augsburg, we finally approached the village Fischen. The last stop before Oberstdorf. A few stations earlier a British family consisting of a mother and her young child, the grandparents and the teenager Logan had enterd the train and was now preparing their luggage and moved towards the door as the train approached the station. Logan, who was convinced that the hoard of German senior citizens dressed entirely in Khaki, armed with sturdy hiking books and trekking poles on the platform would let him leave the train before they entered, had probably never rode a train in Germany. As his father desperate tried to explain to him that he will have to walk over the horde of old german people in order to not get stuck in the train I was the only one laughing out loud being able to identify with the situation.

Logan managed to get out of the train and a few minutes later we rolled into Oberstdorf. The sun was shining and I was far from alone heading to the mountains on this Monday morning. I had planned a four-day hike between three mountain huts; the Enzianhütte, the Rappenseehütte and the Mindelheimerhütte. In order to get to the start of the trail I borded the bus to Birgsau where I arrived 25 minutes later and started my hike towards the Einzianhütte located on 1806 MASL over the Rappenalptal Valley. A hike that according to the signage would take me around 3,5 hours.  

I decided to take the trail over Einödsbach starting out on log roads in order to end up on a rather steep and slippery trail covering an altitude difference of 700 meters in less tan 1,5 hour. I reached the Enzianhütte just after 15.00 and spent the afternoon in the sun drinking beer and napping. As the sun set I headed out for a small walk to check out the trail I would cover the next day since the trail had been re-routed due to an accident earlier the same morning. The whole afternoon rescue and mountain helicopters had circled the sky since a hiker fell through a snow-covered part of the trail and got badly injured.

After enjoying my dinner at one of the hills behind the mountain hut I tried to take part in some of the conversations back at the Enzianhütte. When the Germans go hiking they change. They transform into creatures who actually seem to like each other, wearing comfy clothes and Adidas beach shoes and speaking to each other using “du” instead of “Sie”. More about this in my next post. I went to bed already at 21.00 and got a night of surprisingly good sleep.

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