Hönö and Öckerö, the Northern Gothenburg Archipelago

As I mentioned in my previous post we were blessed with amazing weather during our week in Sweden. My mother and I had talked about doing a daytrip during the week in order to show my boyfriend more of Sweden. When I was younger my family and I often spent the Sundays driving around in southern Sweden. Exploring new places and trying out the cakes in the small cafes along the roads in Skåne and Halland.

I have visited Gothenburg more times than I can count, but for some reason Gothenburg and the surrounding areas were never really an option for our Sunday excursions. Gothenburg have rather been the “place to go to” for shopping, concerts and Liseberg, the biggest amusement park in Sweden.  

When one thinks about the Swedish Archipelago, the wast coast might come to one’s mind. Stockholm and Saltkråkan. On the other hand, the Archipelago on the west coast, north of Gothenburg is sometimes forgotten, but not less worth a visit. The charm with the Western Archipelago is that you don’t have to travel far from the hectic city to find charming villages and stunning nature. The ferry to Hönö (5110 inhabitants) and Öckerö (3488 inhabitants) leave several times per hour from the Lilla Varholmen ferry terminal, a 25 minute drive from central Gothenburg, and is free of charge.

We arrived on Hönö just around 10.00 AM and after a breakfast in Klåva Harbour we drove north to Öckerö. The morning was rather chilly but my mother insisted on spending a few hours on the beach. We ended up in Hjälvik, a small bay centrally located on the island.

The salt sprayed granite rocks, barren landscapes and bright painted houses remind more about the Norwegian coastal landscape than what one might expect from Sweden. The barren nature and the open sea make the elements come to life. It is harsh and it is beautiful. My boyfriend and I went for a walk along the coast. Climbing cliffs and exploring the nearby bays whilst my parents enjoyed the early afternoon at the bathing site. Since my father is not the biggest fan of spending a whole day sunbathing we broke up from Hjälvik a few hours later, drove back to Klåva Harbour for a late lunch, before we returned to Gothenburg.

Our evening plans involved a shrimp and crayfish cruise with MS/ St. Erik in the southern Gothenburg Archipelago. After checking in at our hotel we headed to Lilla Bommen for a drink before we boarded the ship. MS/ St. Erik was built in 1881 and serves nowadays as a floating restaurant taking its visitors further out in the Archipelago.  During the evening we passed many famous islands such as Styrsö, Donsö and Brännö while the sun slowly set into the sea. Since I knew that we were going to meet up with my cousin as we came back to Gothernburg for more drinks I decided to leave my camera back at the hotel.  Recalling the beautiful views from our cruise one part of me regret this decision. On the other hand, one must also remember to just be in the moment, putting phones and cameras to the side for a couple of hours. Around 02.00 AM we stumbled into the hotel lobby and after a steady breakfast on the Saturday morning we drove back to Halmstad and enjoyed our last day in Sweden for this time.

Foto: Tripadvisor

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