Waldgasthof Pfalzblick

Today we got on the train to the village in the proximity to Neustadt an der Weinstraße where my boyfriend grew up in order to visit his grandmother. The silence and the proximity to the nature struck us as soon as we got out of the train. As we walked the street up to where his grandmother lives we did not see a single soul. A nightmare for many and a nice change for us. After some chatting and coffee we picked up our car and headed to Neustadt for something to eat. We had planned to visit the Castle in Schwetzingen on our way back to Heidelberg but since the sun was shining we decided to continue to the Pfalzblick outside Deidesheim for a second coffee and a walk among the vineyards.

The rolling landscape, the villages with their church towers against a backdrop of vineyards and mighty green forests. It is hard to believe that Germany even can look like this. I really like this part of Germany, and even if Heidelberg is a beautiful city with a lot of beautiful sights, cafés and restaurants it is not very relaxed. The traffic is chaotic due to never ending roadwork and the pedestrian areas and alleys are beyond congested on weekend due to a poorly managed tourism flow. In fact, on Saturdays we usually only leave our apartment in the old town in order to go back and forth from work or the gym because the city is so overcrowded. Hence, to spend an afternoon in these surrounding was a welcomed change to Heidelberg.

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