Thingstätte, Heidelberg

As I looked through the window last Sunday morning, a thin layer of snow was covering the window-ledge. Since the weather forecast indicated rain in the afternoon I just grabbed a quick breakfast and went directly out in order to enjoy the snow.  Because of the weather I decided for a shorter hike and headed in direction Thingstätte on Heligebergen. The Heidelberg Thingstätte is an amphitheater built during the Third Reich. The open-air theater served as an event and performance arena as a part of the Thingspiel movement.

To my surprise a lot of people were out to enjoy the Sunday despite the weather. As I got closer to the Thingstätte the fog got thicker, and as usually I managed to get a bit lost. At times I could hardly see more than a couple of meters in front of me and once in a while a person or two emerged through the white blanket between the trees. Suddenly a robust stone stair emerged from the fog above and below the main arena unfolded. Having the history of the Thingstätte in mind in combination with the weather and shadow figures roaming the place a rather eerie feeling creeped up on me.

he Thingstätte is a rather special place and I look forward to come back in the spring and during the Walpurgis celebration in the end of April. I spent half an hour or so exploring the place before I hit the trail back to Heidelberg where a hot cup of tea waited for me.

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