My last day at the Language Academy here in Heidelberg is slowly approaching, and so am I slowly realizing that we have lived in Heidelberg for four months. My English, Danish, Spanish and Swedish have not really improved the last couple of months-rather the opposite. I catch myself with translating German sentences word by word into English. It does not sound good. I have finally started to think in German instead of English or Swedish. I eat more sauerkraut than my boyfriend but I still haven’t befriended the lack of space at the cashier in the supermarket. I wonder if the German integration courses also comes with a crash-course in how to organize and plan your grocery shopping. And don´t you dare forget to bring your own bag! I manage it equally bad now as four months ago, and I will never be able to pronounce a rolling “R” as a real German. But I think I will be okay without that.

So what is up next? More German of course- in January I will start with private lessons in order to be more flexible on the job market. But before that there will be one of two more glühwein (not as tasty at Swedish glögg) at the Christmas market and Christmas celebrations in Sweden.

The photography has rested a bit this autumn due to lack of motivation and a rather full schedule. I am considering to start a longer photo project in the beginning of next year since I lack consistency in my work. We will see what 2019 brings, a lot can still happen during the last weeks of December. I´ll make a post about our visit at the Nürnberger Christkindlmarkt later this week and then I promise more updates from Sweden. Who knows, maybe we will get some snow?

_DSF1363_DSF1276_DSF1341_DSF1214_DSF1153 - kopia

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