Saturday morning

After a week of rather cold and harsh weather I woke up to blue skies yesterday morning. I really enjoy the mornings in Heidelberg. It is something special to live in a rather small city that receives over 11 million visitors every year – the majority in the Altstadt where we live. That means if you want a calm Saturday walk you have to be up early before the visitors of the day arrives.

The Plöck was rather calm and many cafes and shops were not yet open for business. At the university library I took left and continued along the Hauptstraße to Kornmarkt However, as I came closer to Kornmarkt and the Castle I realized that I had not been up early enough.

I continued up to the Schlossgarten to check out the view. On a good day like yesterday it is possible to see all the way to Ludwigshafen and the hills of Pfalz. In 2012 I spent an exchange semester at Universidad de Granada in Spain. I came to love Granada because of the old Moorish architecture, the beautiful backdrop of the Sierra Nevada and la Alhambra as well as the international feeling. Heidelberg somehow have a bit of these qualities too and I am quite convincing that we made a good decision on moving here and not to Mannheim or Ludwigshafen. I have always had a hard time to stay in one place, my Fernweh is constant. It is a part of my heart and soul. So far Germany and Heidelberg is new for me, I experience something new every day. When we came back to Europe this summer I was quite happy to not travel, but now the feeling is there again, the desire to just go away and explore something totally unknown.

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