Six weeks in Germany

Since six weeks we are officially living in Heidelberg, Germany. It has been a couple of hectic weeks, but slowly things seem to fall into their designated places. I study at the moment German on fulltime basis and will do so for another couple of weeks. Consequently, my camera has not really been overused the last weeks. Overwhelmed by yet another new country, culture and language I kind of just lost all motivation. But Heidelberg is a beautiful city and so is the Autumn. The weather is still out of this world for someone who spent her last autumns in the Norwegian mountains or in Scandinavia in general. Last weekend we drove down to the Schwarzwald and the Feldsee. Even if Heidelberg is beautiful it is still a city.  We spent one day hiking around the Feldberg and the sunday at the Titisee before we drove back to Heidelberg. Hopefully I will be able to get out a bit more the coming weeks and update my page more than I have done the last few months

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