Vinicunca- Rainbow Mountain, Peru

Our last day-tour in Peru started early in the morning. At 03.30am the van picked us up and we drive through the empty streets of Cusco toward our destination, Vinicunca or more famous as the rainbow mountain. After a 3 hour drive we stopped for breakfast in a small village, consisting in a few houses and a public toilet. We got served the usual: white bread and marmalade with coffee or cocatea. To the trailhead we still had a 30 minute drive and we were one of the first vans to arrive.


Josch and I had decided that we would like to ride up and walk down, me being a horse girl since small and Josch who had never been on a horse. The trail start at 4100 m.a.s.l and end at 5200 m.a.s.l. Happily enough we were only slightly affected by the altitude on our walk down, but nothing in comparison to the Pastosoturi Glacier a few weeks ago. The biggest challenge was the temperature. We knew that it was going to be cold so we had dressed as good as we could (i.e all our clothes we had) but since it had been some cold nights the mountain peaks were covered by snow and the closer to the top we came to more the wind increased.


We got our pictures and started to stroll down the mountain meeting hundreds of people struggling quite bad with the altitude. We were back in the van again just after 11.00am and cuddled up with our sleeping bags waiting for the others to arrive. An hour and a half later the whole group had arrived and we turned back to the small village for lunch before we went in direction Cusco.


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