The Colca Canyon, Peru

One of our main reasons to visit Arequipa was the Colca Canyon. The canyon is located a few hours outside Arequipa and is one of the deepest in the world measuring down to 3270 meters. Our alarm went of at 02:15 am and fifteen minutes later we were waiting for the van that should pick us up. And we waited, in the cold night air. 50 minutes later the van finally arrived and we were able to step into what we thought would be at least a warmer place than outside on the street. It was not the case. The next 3,5h we did not get much sleep because of the cold.  We were told to be out and ready on the street at 02.30 am in order to be picked up. Around 07:30 am we arrived to Yanque for breakfast before we continued along the Canyon to the Cruz del Condor, the main stop for the day. The valley is covered in terraces used for farming and surrounded by high mountains and driving along the canyon is a rather spectacular experience.

Around 09:30 we arrived to the viewpoint at Cruz del Condor and we were far from lonely. Hundreds of people had gathered in hope to see the condor fly. Should I be honest I think that all three of us had not really reflected that the condor was perceived to be the main attraction of this day tour so we enjoyed the sun for the next hour, and to the end the condors came circling over our heads. Well, they are big birds. After an hour or so we all got into the van again and headed towards Chivay for lunch before we started on the four hour journey back to Arequipa again where we arrived in the late afternoon. We are flying to Spain later this week and I hope I will be able to get hands on a new camera.

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