After 8 days in the Amazonas travelling with bus south from Lima to Paracas was a great contrast to where we spent our previous week. The landscape was empty of vegetation, covered by sand and hills- but not yet dunes.  Once in a while something that might be villages appear shattered in the harsh landscape. Our destination was Paracas, a small fisherman’s village located approximately 3,5h hours south of Lima.  Paracas is known as ”the poor man’s Galapagos” and people mainly come there for this reason since it is possible to see sea lions, seals and of course a great amount of birds. Being in the desert the climate was rather cold during the nights and did not really heat up during the day because of the wind from the sea.  I managed to get ill one of the days, having to cling to the toilet so the only thing we really did was the obligatory boat tour to the Islas Ballestas.  The islands consists of several rock formations housing a big variety of birds- and penguins (we saw seven penguins to be specific…).


The next day we continued to Ica, visiting a Pisco distillery (Pisco being a distilled vine/schnapps from grapes), the oasis Huacachina before we continued to Nazca where Josch and his brother flew over the Nazcalines a large number of geoglyphs located in the Nazca desert showing different geometrical shapes, animals etc. probably dating back to the Paracas Culture 800 BCE – 100 BCE. Since I am exceptionally afraid of flying I stayed on the ground, eating ice cream and admiring the small airplanes taking of. Hence, even if the photos from the Nazca lines are taken with my camera and did nothing whatsoever to take them.


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