Laguna 69, Peru

At 05.00 am we and six other tired backpackers left our hostel and got on the bus towards the trail that would take us to Lake/Laguna 69 located in the part  Huascarán National Park, part of the Cordillera Blanca.The lake itself is located over 4600 m.a.s.l. Before hitting the trail we stopped to have breakfast and to get some pictures of the Llanganuco Lakes located approx. 40 minutes before the trailhead. Surrounded by mountain peaks reaching up to almost 6800m we got of the bus around– hence there is no further need to describe how impressive the landscape we 08.30 am and started our hike in a mesmerizing landscape.

This day there where two busses and two minibuses that brought people to the trail. Being one of the most popular day hikes in Peru I expected the trail to be much more crowded. The trail itself consisted of 7 km (one way) walking on well-maintained trails that went through the valley with occasional climbs. The first kilometres were quite easy but as the altitude increased the progress went slower and slower. Josch walked before me and I took the time I needed. It was not until the last 500 meters of the trail that the feared headache set in. And as several of my fellow hikers I spent a lot of time walking the last part before reaching the lake.  Compared to the short walk we did the day before to the Pastoruri Glacier the hike was of course harder due to its length, but physically it was not has hard as I had expected, it went surprisingly easy even if we were among the last eight persons to come back to the bus. So, I in two days we have done two hikes above 4600 meters, and It will probably be at least one more on this altitude before we leave Peru.

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