Pastoruri Glacier 5240 m.a.s.l, Peru

We arrived to Huaraz just around 07:30 am after a 8h bus drive from Lima. To my surprise I slept almost the whole way and felt quite fresh when we got off the bus. The temperature was much lower than in Lima since Huaraz is located on 3025 m.a.s.l. Having stayed in Bogotá for almost six month we had encountered the sorache- altitude sickness and at least I was a bit worried for how the following two days should turn out since I had experienced crazy headache, tiredness and sickness during the initial week in Bogotá.

Before going to our hostel (which turned out to be one of the worst we have stayed at so far) we booked two tours. One on the same day to the Pastoruri Glacier 5240 m.a.s.l in order to acclimatise for our trek to Laguna 69 the day after- the most popular day tour in the area. We dropped by the hostel and changed clothes before we met up at the tour agency at 09.00 am. In order to get to the glacier we did several stops along the way, for drinking coca tea and to take some photos of the landscape. It felt good to be back in the mountains again, even if the weather could have been better.

The hike itself was easy- a well paved trail, that went slightly up and down for 2.5km- much easier to walk than trying to avoid the potholes Bogotá. If it wasn’t for the fact that we were well over 5000 m.a.s.l. resulting in heavy breath, headache and dizziness.  Following the doctor’s advice- using jogging shoes/sneakers with a hard sole and tape worked out very well for my foot and to my surprise I experienced no pain at all, so hopefully the last weeks lazy life at the beach and exercises have started to pay off. We stayed at the glacier for totally 2 hours before we drove back to Huaraz. I have never been on this kind of altitude before nor have I seen mountains of this size before! It seems like Peru will be an adventure!

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