Lima/Miraflores, Peru

We have now been in Peru for almost one week. The updates will from now on be more frequent since we actually have some quite intense plans for our stay here- and obviouse there is a lot of places to see and experience. Tomorrow we will meet up with Josch´s brother and fly to Iquitos, Amazonas where we will spend the next 8 days. The last couple of days we have walked around in Miraflores, an upscale neighbourhood of Lima and  last Sunday night we took the night bus to Huaraz in western Peru. One of our main goals with our stay in Peru is to do a lot of hiking. However since I injured my foot we had to re-plan a few things and we only stayed in Huaraz for 2 days to do some easier walks. More about this in the next two posts.

From what we have seen from Lima so far (Miraflores and the downdown/old city) it is far less chaotic and polluted than Bogotá. It comes across as a very well organized and clean city if one compares to the Colombian capital.  People speak good English, and the vendors roaming the streets are not harassing people like they were in Colombia. However, we have only spent three days here so we might not be the ones to put a stamp on this city yet, but the first impression have been very positive.

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