Easter, Guaduas and soon time to leave

I am alive- and my foot is still broken but two weeks ago I at least got a “good to go” from the specialist at Fundación Santa Fe and next week I will have my last hour of physiotherapy the day before we leave Bogotá for the Caribbean next week. My boyfriend will be the one carrying our bags from that day and we will have to change a few of our plans since I am not allowed to walk longer distances and need to adapt to the daily condition of my foot. But the pain is getting much better in general and I am happy that I at least am able to use it.

Since we have been bound to Bogotá the last months due to studies and hospital visits we decided to leave Bogotá for the Easter holidays and headed down to Guaduas- a smaller town 3,5h with bus from Bogotá. Even if the weather was not so much better than in Bogotá- at least the temperature was better. We stayed at a very nice hostel- La Rosa Nautica, where we actually spent the majority of our four days playing online billiard on our cell phones (and once in a while actually playing real life billiard, listening to the thunderstorms and drinking wine. Hence, things are going forward again and we are more stoked than ever to continue our travels next week!

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