Update from Bogotá

During the last two weeks of November last year we was at a small farm in Costa Rica. About one week into our stay we were exploring the trails surrounding the farm and when we were about to cross the fence to the farm on our way back I felt and twisted my ankle and my knee. We visited the hospital the day after since I could not walk on my foot and after examination and X-rays I was told that it was just a sprain, that I could use the foot normally and that it would be good in a couple of weeks. We continued our travels, hiking with heavy backpacks and other things one can expect a European couple to do during a backpacking holiday in Latin America. Even if I walked like Quasimodo and had a lot of pain it somehow worked out.

In January I contacted my insurance again since it was not getting better and I could still not walk normally without pain, and running or tiptoe was not even to talk about. I got a time for examination at a hospital in Bogotá that revised the X-rays and sent me to physiotherapy for a sprain and gave me a date for a visit at the orthopaedist one month later. I have made some small progress at the physiotherapist, but mostly the pain have moved around in my foot and ankle, and the physiotherapist have been just as frustrated than me that the progress has been so insignificant.

During the follow up session at the orthopaedist they reviewed the X-ray for Costa Rica a second time and scheduled a time for a MRI-scan since the X-ray did not show any abnormalities. A week later I collected the MRI results and the preliminary opinion of the images. Two fractures on the base of the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal bone, extensive bone-marrow oedema as well as subcutaneous oedema on cell level on several places in the foot and damage to the toes. No wonder that I have been in such a pain. I was informed by my insurance that I am what so ever not allowed to use my foot until it and the images have been examined by a specialist, nor am I allowed to go to emergency to get a cast or whatever since a specialist must examine the damages that the last four months use of the foot might have caused. I was scheduled for a revisit the 22nd of March, but have now been rescheduled to the 15th of March, two weeks after I received the MRI result. Hence at the moment I am contemplating my life in our apartment in Bogotá, googling possible outcomes of this and drawing up pictures in my mind of me as an amputee.

Bogotá is a nice city, and the hospital my insurance have arranged is probably the most modern and hi-tech hospital I will ever visit. However, we are a bit stuck at the moment- not being able to plan anything further until we know what the outcome will be and Bogotá is really not a city for a person on crutches. But except this minor miscalculation we are doing quite well.

2 thoughts on “Update from Bogotá

  1. Hope things have improved by now and are on the road to complete healing. Losing my mobility would be a nightmare for me, but it could also be a good time for reflection. I always liked the expression ‘to make lemonade when life gives you lemons’ and this would seem to be one of those times.


    1. Thank you for your comment Henry! It is getting better, some days are better than others! It sure gave me some time to reflect upon how fortunate I have been to never experiencing something like This before- and that I to 90% probably Will be back to normal in a few months. It have also been a time to realize what it is to be healty and how to maintain a strong body- and how fortunate I have been to have a rather ”cheap” travelinsurance that has given me access to specialists and treatment at one of the bests hospitals in Colombia – something that I do normally not have access to in my homecountry even if I sometimes have felt a bit ashamed over How easy good healthcare can be, but only if you have the right papers.. I really like your blog Btw- you are raising some very interesting points!


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