Villa de Leyva, Colombia

1.5 months without leaving Bogotá. It is a bit daunting how quick you get used to the loud and dirty city. But it is first when you leave you realise what you have missed. Early last Saturday we headed to the main bus-terminal and got on the bus to Villa de Leyva. We were not the only ones who intended to leave Bogotá over the weekend and consequently it took almost two hours before the bus left the city. Slowly the landscape started to shift, the green hills turned into brown slopes and yellow fields and as we approached our destination the sun peaked out behind the heavy rainclouds.

Villa de Leyva is a colonial village where many of the buildings from the sixteenth century still remain. Even if it is considered to be one of the main tourist sites in Colombia we were positively surprised over the “un-touristic” atmosphere. Of course, it was quite obvious that the majority of all the people roaming the streets this weekend where tourists and not locals, but still there was a sense of calm that we have not experienced on other well visited places here in Colombia (or Costa Rica or Mexico either). Officially we are travelling, even if we have decided to stay in Bogotá for a couple of months. Hence, packing our backpacks and get on the bus again light our travel feeling again, and the best of all, being able to travel without taking all our stuff with us! We had a great weekend, and were also fortunate enough to stumble upon the yearly astronomy festival which had attracted a lot of people to the village. We both agreed on that Villa de Leyva is one of our favourite destinations so far!

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