Throwback to 2014

Before we left Europe in October we stayed two weeks at my parents’ house in Sweden in order for me to repack my things since I had been living in Norway for almost two years. I arranged my camera gear, bought some new things and I stuffed my back with all memory cards that I could find. I left for Mexico with four different memory cards, one that I knew belonged to me and the rest I supposed belonged to me. After all I found them in my room, so they must be mine.

Until today I have not bothered to check out the other three cards since they only hold 2-4GB. But tonight it happend. I finally looked through them. It turns out that one of the memory cards belong to my brother and is filled of 87 Gopro videos from 2009-2010. He sure has some friends that should be a bit worried about the fact that this card is no longer in my brother’s possessions. But on the other hand I have rather enjoyed hanging out in the high school corridors and to join a few visits to the toilet of one of his dear old classmates.

The second card contained photos from one of many parties in the very small apartment I lived in 2011 during my second year at university. I guess that not more have to been said, the photos are deleted and will never be seen again.

The third card however was a great surprise. Even if the photos are not spectacular in any way they are special for me. This card contained the first photos I took with my current camera in December of 2014. A few blurry photos of the Christmas preparations and a few less blurry photos from my first walk along the beach home in Halmstad. Even if they might leave a bit more to wish for I somehow like them. I remember the frustration over not really understanding how to use all the different settings, and the cold wind and frozen fingers. Being on the road and exploring new places are a privilege, and I love it. But some days I really miss being able to walk along the windy and rugged coastline of Halmstad.

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