Finca Momota, Colombia

We spent the first days of the new year in Salento, a small village in el Eje Cafetero- the colombian coffee zone. When we arrived after an eight hour bus ride we quite soon figured out that there was something special going on in the village. Without knowing it our visit coincided with the annual celebration of XX and the whole village had turned into a festival.

One of the things we had decided to do during our stay in Salento was to visit a farm that grew coffee. There were several options available but after doing some research our choice landed on Finca Momota- a small and rather young farm that grow their coffee according to permaculture principles.

Valle de Cocora-2

Valle de Cocora-3
Coffee beans from a Robusta plant

Valle de Cocora-5Valle de Cocora-7Valle de Cocora-9Valle de Cocora-10Valle de Cocora-12

The tour took three hours and it was honestly one of the best structured tours I have ever been on. Just enough information, a lot of space for asking questions, Carla, the owner and guide, switched between Spanish and English in order to get everyone the same information, a tour through their land where the coffee plants grow and of course, coffee tasting and information about how the process of making great coffee works. Since this project is rather new it certainly gave some perspective of how extensive the process of making coffee actually is. And of course, we bought some of their coffee with us to enjoy during our months in Bogotá.

Valle de Cocora-13

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