Not so Pura Vida, Costa Rica

Six weeks in Costa Rica have come to an end, two days ago we flew to Colombia and we will spend the next couple of months here. During our last two weeks in Costa Rica we visited La Fortuna, San José (the capital), since it is the hub of connections if one wish to travel to different parts of Costa Rica,  Cerro Dantas, a wildlife refuge in the rainforest outside Heredia (one of our best experiences in Costa Rica) and of course Alajuela and our friend Daniel.

Avenida 1 and Calle 14 in San José. Dirty, hectic and loud
Sunset over San José
One of the many waterfalls at Cerro Dantas
The cabins and restaurant at Cerro Dantas. We where the only guests there this day
Waterfall along the Expedición trail at Cerro Dantas
Delicias Marinas, our favourite restaurant in Alajuela 
Delicias Marinas, Central Market in Alajuela
Delicias Marinas, Central Market in Alajuela, the most well visited restaurant at the market

To cut it short, we have not been impressed by Costa Rica, it have left so much more to wish for. With that said the nature is incredible and we have of course had a good time without any incidents what so ever. But our best days have been spent in Alajuela at Daniel and Ignacios place. Daniel offered to host us for our first couple of days in November and at the end we  returned four times to his house. He has offered us a second home and has invited us into his family. For that we are forever greateful, without them Costa Rica would have been a very dull experience. But now, a new country and new plans!

This will probably be my last post before christmas. Merry Christmas to everyone that keep reading my posts, and for you back in Sweden; tack så mycket för födelsedagshälsningarna! Jag fick alla sms, men är inte säker på att mina svar kom fram. Jag nås enklast på min e-mail eller här på hemsidan :). Från och med idag så har jag nytt Colombianskt nummer.

4 thoughts on “Not so Pura Vida, Costa Rica

  1. Är det ok om jag lämnar ut ditt tele nr. ha det riktigt bra och var rädda om er och hälsa Josch….Puss mamma


  2. Hej,på Er.Härligt att ni har det problemfritt.Fryser gör ni inte heller.Här hemma börjar allt bli klart inför önskar Er en riktig God Jul. Många juliga kramar från Fam,Sebelius


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