Farmstay- El Tablazo

The last two weeks we have stayed at an agroecological farm southeast of San José in the central valley. It has been a great experience in a really nice environment that has given us some new perspectives on life.


Nona- I am usually not a big fan of dogs, but both my boyfriend and I really felt in love with Nona, one of the dogs that lived on the farm.


Re-planting seedlings- medical plants, ornamental plants and also a native Swedish plant; smultron. I was surprised to find it in Costa Rica of all places. Gabriel and Mima are also creating a seedbank and experimenting with various crops that are not native to Costa Rica.



Planting– normally all the plants and crops are planted in a hexagonal pattern in order to save space and prevent unnecessary weed and insect infestations. Here we are planting kale- not so usual in Costa Rica but very usual back home in Sweden, especially around Christmas!




Bokashi– or creating compost. One of the days we participated in creating compost soil. We created more or less a layer cake of several different materials and soaked it all in molasses, before it was mixed together. It was left to rest for three days before it was mixed again, and of course one had to keep an eye on the temperature.



La post cosecha- post harvesting; cleaning and packing vegetables for the market and customers





We really enjoyed our time at the farm and will continue our travel in Costa Rica with a lot of new knowledge, inspiration and new ideas. For more information about Gabriel and Mimas project, check out the following link: Finca El Tablazo