Mazunte/Mermejita, Oaxaca

Yesterday we arrived to Puerto Escondido after spending  two weeks in Mazunte, a small and sleepy coastal village in Oaxaca , one of the southern regions of Mexico. It have been a good start to our travel- trying to get used to the tropical climate +30 *C or higher, plus an humidity index of 80-90%, a fare share of bugs and mosquitos and some visits to the doctor and the pharmacy and maybe most challenging of all: to get use to a total new way of living. Coming from a very cold climate and a fulltime job to just a place where you can live.. All in all; we have had a good start and met some very nice people.

View from Instituto Iguana, Mazunte

We spent our last evening in Mazunte looking at the sunset from the beach in Mermejita, a short walk from Mazunte village. Such a peaceful place, big waves and very few people.


After one night in Puerto Escondido we can only way that we are missing the Mazunte and its vibe. Hence, we have decided to leave one day earlier and tomorrow night we will take the night bus up to Oaxaca.

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