La Ventanilla, Oaxaca

A 30 minute walk from Mazunte (or a 5 min drive with a pasajero or  taxi) La Ventanilla or la Sociedad Cooperativa Lagarto Real is located. In short it is a small community located at the Oaxaca Coast that works with the reforestation and the preservation of the area. The beach outside the small village is Open Ocean and not made for swimming- but the waves are magnificent. However, there is also a lagoon and the manglar, or the mangrove swamp that protects the inland from hurricanes and serves as home for many animals.

The beach in La Ventanilla

Even if the sun was burning we had an amazing two hours in Ventanilla. We paid the entrance (80 pesos) and walked the last kilometres down to the beach where we got a guide all for our self. The boat tour lasted around 1 hour and the guide explained everything from why the sand is black on the beach, to how they work with preserving the area, and of course he gave us a lot of important information regarding the animals living in the mangroves

Entering the mangroves in our lancha
The area is well populated by green leguans- we saw several on our walk to the lagoon
The orange coloured leguan to the right is the male of this “harem”


The Largato Real aka Mr Crocodile!
A last snap from the beach in La Ventanilla

When we returned to the main area of the community a lot of other visitors have arrived. When we arrived at 11.30 we were the only one there. They usually are open from 8.00-17.00 on a daily basis, and we really enjoyed our visit here. The nature was amazing and the guides were very kind and down to earth.

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