Mexico DF/Teotihuacán

To see Mexico from the air is to look upon the face of creation. Our everyday, earthbound vision takes flight and is transformed into a vision if the elements. Mexico is a creation of water and fire, of wind and earthquake, of the moon and sun.” (Fuentes 1988, Nuevo tiempo mexicano)

We have had four days in the Mexican Capital trying to understand that we are now here, realising and living the dream that we have had for almost two years. How does one really do that? How is one 100% present and grateful for being able to obtain and experience one of our biggest dreams? To appriciate it, to live right here right now.

During our time in Mexico DF we have done a lot of walking, early Uno-games due to jetlag, and we have had a fair share of quesadillas and tacos.

Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico DF
The moon pyramid
Another caption of the Moon pyramid
The Sun and the Moon pyramid

At the moment we are in a small beach village in Oaxaca and we will stay here for two weeks. It has been a more than welcomed change from the hectic 24 miljon city in the centre of Mexico. I really to look forward to explore this continent further and hopefully I will be able to go on a little photo excursion in our area later this week..

For more updates regarding our little journey, take a look on my boyfriends page:

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