11 month detour to Latin America

The last two weeks in Halmstad have passed way to fast and yesterday we had a goodbye dinner at my parents place with old friends and family. Consequently the last couple days have been spent on cooking, baking and for other preparations for the party. It was so nice that so many showed up, and thank you all for a very nice evening, kind words, wishes and farewell gifts!


At the moment we are in the midst of repacking our bags and on Tuesday morning we will take the train down to Copenhagen in Denmark and spend the night at my friend’s small country house outside the Danish capital. On Wednesday morning we are off to Mexico and this adventure can begin. My boyfriend has taken a sabbatical from his job and I am currently freely unemployed. Hence, for the next year we will be able to settle into another type of life. We have decided to head to Latin America, starting off with one month in Mexico before we head down to Costa Rica. After that we have no plans, just a lot of time to figure out where we are going next.

I will continue to update my blog with photos. However I have decided to mainly focus on photography and will most likely not include a whole lot of text in my future posts. For those of you that want to stay in touch- find me on WhatsApp or Messenger. I have decided to leave Facebook and other social media behind for the moment. From now on things will hopefully go a bit slower and the focus will be set on other things than before.

¡hasta luego!

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