Norway- time’s up

August passed by in a second. Two weeks ago I came home after visiting friends from University in Estonia and yesterday I picked up Josch at the AirPort in Oslo. The last 21 months I have driven the 3,5h road down to Oslo every 6th or 8th week. Either to pick up Josch or to fly out and meet him. But yesterday was the last day we and I did this trip.

He has said goodbye to his life in Germany for the next year to come and in one week we will leave Geilo and drive down to my parents in Sweden. Five days left at work and a lot of goodbyes to make. It is funny how the experience of time can vary so much. One year ago this date seemed as an eternity but looking back at it right now it is hard to comprehend where the last months went.

Josch is whisteling and repacking his bag in the other room. Tomorrow I Will start on my last work-week and Josch will head north, to the North Cape in the very North of Norway. Ends, new beginnings and new adventures. Hopefully he will return safe and sound to Geilo in one week so that we can do one last autumn hike before we will leave the Norwegian mountains behind.

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