Budalen and beyond

The last week the weather has surprised everyone in this mountain village.  It have been hot. Over 20 degrees Celsius. And sun. Ohh sun! Lucky I had off from work two of the best days last week and of course the time was spent outside.

The first tour this week went through  Budalen and towards Raggsteinsdalen. Since I live almost up in Havsdalen in Geilo I am able to step right out on the trails that lead to Budalen. If you start from Geilo centre you can follow the trail named Pilvegen up to Geilohovda/Geilo toppen and then get on the trail towards Havsdalen. There are two different ways to get to Budalen from Havsdalen, both equally nice. One that goes on the right side of Havsdalshovda and one that goes on the left side.

Since I live close to Havsdalen the trail on the right side of Havsdalshovda is usually where I start and then I end up on the left trail on my way back. Taking this route also gives me a nice entering point to Budalen. This trail is easy to walk. Since the mainly goes down in the valley there are no steep climbs.

From the “start” you follow the right trail to Vestreim and the continue on the trail left of Myljostølen. On the way back to Havsdalen I followed the trail left of Havsdalshovda which also give you some altitude and a nice view over the
Walking through Budalen
The open landcape  down in the valley
After a while the trail start to decend towards Vestreim
Myljostølen- the collection of houses to the left and Vestreim- the red house to the right

When I reached Vestreim I walked along the river for a while on small animal trails before I ended up on the main trail at Myljostølen that continues in direction Raggsteinsdalen. This is where things start to get really interesting. The landscape changes and you leave the open valley behind

Hallingskarvet to the left and Myljostølen to the right

Hopefully I will be able to walk this whole trail before I leave Geilo in a couple of weeks. However, since I already started to get hungry and a bit grumpy I only walked a few kilometres in this direction before I turned back towards Geilo. All in all, a perfect day with good weather and a 7 hour hike, including some photo and coffee breaks.





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