Ut på tur- alltid sur

In Scandinavia we have a saying: ”ut på tur aldrig sur” which roughly translates to if you go outside for hiking or other outdoor activities you will never be angry. And I think it is a very accurate saying. Sometimes you can have hard days at the mountain, but as the day goes by you overcomes your inner obstacles and carry on along the trail. However, I am not entirely sure if two of my best friends that were visiting me this weekend would agree with this.


When I have people visiting me here in Geilo I really want to show them the beauty of this area. And for me the only way to get an authentic experience (God how I hate that word) is to get out there. In the nature, by foot or bike. It is easy and it is fun. You only have to bring yourself and good clothes. And beer, and cigarettes’, and cigarettes’ and cigarettes’. Even if we might come from the same city on the Swedish west coast we clearly had a different view on hiking. I rather quick realised that my friends perceive the slightest small rolling hills as enormous mountains that should not be climbed, not under any circumstances, unless they were provided with the above mentioned groceries (note: do never leave trash in the nature, always take it back home again!)



Hence, it was not entirely problem free to walk the trail to Prestholtseter, but at least it invited for a lot of laughs! A few kilometres from Prestholtseter we came across a friend of mine that joined us for the rest of the day. Since my friends did not longer trust my ability to take them safe home, we (they) let this misson to my friend. We agreed to walk over Urundberget back to Geilo and as we left Prestholtseter behind the wind disappeared and the sun came out. We walked along the river Eima in a good tempo for a while. After a while I took the lead and raised the tempo. Both my friend and I probably know what had happened- we had forgot the turn left on the trail that leads to Urundberget and instead we had continued straight on the trail that leads down to Tufte. Normally this is not a problem- it is a very nice tour that requires a detour of 3-4km before you can connect to another trail that continues to Urundberget and then Geilo.


However, today was  not a normal day. My friends where tired and one of them at least a bit drunk.  Hence, the reaction was not positive when we had to break the mistake for them. But they struggled on and after overcoming the last steep hills the moon was getting better as closer we came to Geilo. I would describe the day as a nice daytour with good weather and company whilst I think my friends would describe it in another way. We reached my apartment around 20.00, after an 8h-day on the trail. Everyone was tired (and at least a little bit happy), and the evening ended with a couple of Mojitos on the sofa!

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