Ustedalsfjorden rundt- from the sunny side

On days like this I feel a bit ashamed that I sometimes complain over the weather here in Norway. Perfect temperature down in the valley today so I spent the afternoon around the lake here in Geilo- Ustedalsfjorden. There is a well groomed gravel path around the lake and also many opportunites to de-tour on smaller trails.

Urundberget it looking out over Ustedalsfjorden

Last summer I lived down by the lake and did at least run or walk around the lake a few times every week. Since I moved to another apartment last October I have not been down here too much since there are other trails that are closer to where I live now. However it is something special with trails you find around lakes in green valleys. They are alive. Insects, birds, people

Fekjo skulpturpark

As I said there are many small trails and hidden places to be discovered around the lake. If you keep to the main trail the whole tour is more or less 12 kilometre, but it is also possible to take a shortcut over “Geilo Beach” where there two concretebridges crosses the lake.

Fekjo Skulpturpark

One of the sights along the trail is the sculpture park at Fekjo (Fekjo Skulpturpark). Around one kilometre after (or before) the sculpture park, depending on which way you walk) you will come across Tuftebrui- an old wooden bridge that crosses the main stream that flows into the lake. If you have time and energy I would recommend you to continue to walk a few hundred meters upstream along the river behind the bridge. Nature has created a natural swimming pool upstream and that looks really magnificent. However, I do not dare to say if it is safe to swim there!

The skislopes in Geilo

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