Finse 1222

Somehow I ended up  on the 11.56 train to Finse today. A friend has his cousin from Chicago visiting and they had plans to take a visit to Finse- a small mountain village centred on Finse Station- the highest station in Norway located at an elevation of 1222 metres above sea level.

Even if I have been living in Geilo for one and a half year I have not taken the time to visit Finse, so when I got the question of I wanted to join them (despite bad weather conditions) I could not really say no. Unfortunately I left my skis in Sweden when I was home the other week so we kind of had to bury those plans. Knowing that it would be foggy and most likely to much snow for a hike we got on the train in the last minute and rode the 36 minutes up to Finse, since the only way to get there at this time of year is by train.

Despite the weather we headed for Jomfrunut (1475masl), a tour that starts from the bottom of the ski lift and up the hill. Since  this was the first time we visited Finse, and due to the sight was only 50-60 meters, we did not really dare to take a longer tour. We spend a good 2 hours walking up to the top and back down, trying to orientate us in the fog. Even if the weather was the worst imaginable we had a really good tour- the hiking season have officially started and God how I have missed to feel the fresh wind in my face!

Looking back at Finse Station
Rainy and windy and Jomfrunt
I only snapped a few shots due to the bad weather

We ended the afternoon with some beers and a bit of food back at the hotel next to the station, Finse 1222, before we took the train back to Geilo. The last place I thought that I would fine a really delicious vegan hamburger was here, in the middle of nowhere. As we say in Swedish; tj fick jag! Since the hotel is closing for the winter season tomorrow it was not much people around. A few stouthearted cross country skiers (native Norwegians of course!), and a few Americans. All in all- a perfect way to spend my day off!

A part of the dining area at Finse 1222
Beer and Uno before dinner, veganhamburger!

This might have been the first time I visited Finse, but being so easy accessible from Geilo I will for sure go back a few times this summer. I will for sure bring friends and family that are visiting this summer up there for some day tours. The train leaves around 6 am and 12 noon from Geilo and you can catch the train back to Geilo at 6.20 pm or 7.12pm. Could the timing be any better?

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