Back home for a little while

Around a week ago I finally set the course down south towards Halmstad for some well needed vacation. I cannot describe by words how hard the last months have been in my little mountain village in Norway. Bad weather and no social life what so ever takes the toll on everyone, no matter if other aspects of life are rather colourful.  Hence, coming back to Halmstad and my friends and family have been a release beyond words and my boyfriend have also been visiting for a couple of days.

Veiw from Italienskavägen in Båstad over Lahomsbukten and Halmstad on the other side

Along the Swedish west coast the spring have already arrived even if some colder weather have hit the area the last days, the trees are at least dressed in green leaves and the ground is covered by flowers. Josch went back to Germany earlier this morning and I will have another week on Swedish ground before I head back to Norway for my last months in the small mountain village. I hope the summer will have strength enough to reach the small village in the mountains.

One of the small beaches around Sandhamn

The other day we biked to Tylösand along Prins Bertils Path. I might love the mountains but every time I get back to the cost the nostaligia hits me straight in the stomache. How fun have we not have along thes beaches when we were younger? All the parties, barbeques, lazy days in the sun and long walks during the autumn.

Another caption from Sandhamn



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