I think we have come to a breaking point. In a few weeks the winter season is over and we will embrace the summer season (even if the summer still will be loaming in the dark for another 3 months here up north). The light is back, families are heading to the mountains in order to celebrate the return of spring during Easter. Somehow it brings hope and we are counting the time until this part of our life is over and we enter into a new one.

The ice is melting at Hallingdalselva betweel Ål and Gol giving us at least some hope for that the spring is close

Almost a week ago my boyfriend returned to Germany after a week here. Two month apart brings both excitement and a sense of confusion. In order to be able to stay sane each one of you have to carry on with your own lives and still try to maintain a common ground. The last months both of us have been spending the majority of our time working and putting other interests aside and life have not been glitter and glamour. It is during these periods you realise the value of having someone to come home to and just enjoy their silent company, instead of sending the same type of messages over several different apps with the same topics and conversations day in and day out.

With that said I these long periods apart and short and intense times together push things forward, both on a personal and common level. You are leaving ground behind and you somehow realise the value of playing, or at least trying to play with open cards, if not the cardhouse will fall apart. But everything falls apart and everything is possible to rebuild. As long as the fundament is stable and flexible enough to take some hits. So, things are speeding up. So much is happening and changing around us, especially on a emotional level. Building a more and more solid ground. Five months left before we will leave this false security behind. Five months and we will have to deal and live with each other for over at least one year. Every day and every night. We will bring our lives together and that is something that is both nerve wrecking and exiting at the same time. My temporary jobposition here in Norway will end in the beginning of October.  My dear mother and father would probably be very satisfied if they got a text message saying that we will go for Sweden or Germany, move together and start to build our life on known grounds. And who knows, that might happen. But not in October, not this year.

Some people say that if you haven’t travelled you haven’t lived. I am not sure if I can agree with that, even if I have travelled a lot, really quite a lot.  What I on the other hand believe in is that before you have travelled or lived, studied or worked abroad you do not really know yourself or the people around you. You do not know how it is to be alone without anything familiar to identify yourself with. Hence, before we decide where we will establish our common ground, our sanctuary we will go travelling. Josch got permission to take a sabbatical year from his job and I, well I will be in between jobs from October and onwards and will hopefully have a saving that can support a 12 months long detour towards a warmer climate. We are lucky. Because we have the time, the money and we have each other.  And in October we will start go West. Josch have set  some of his goals his goals for this year and I am still working on mine.  To be continued.. 🙂


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