Snowshoeing in Skurdalen

As I wrote in my previous post, the winter season is going towards an end since we are more than halfway through it at the moment. January-March have been crazy with work and I have not really had time nor energy to cultivate my outdoor interest as well as I really miss my trekking tours of the beaten path. Sure, cross-country skiing can give you some amazing views and experiences. But unless you have hard-core “off trail” skis you will be stuck in the trails (that on the other hand also passes thtough som rather mesmerising landscape as well). but I have done the majority of the cross-country tracks here several times, and  I have hiked or biked the same areas in the summer.

Coincidently one of my friends also had her day off today and I suddenly remembered that we had some rather old snowshoes back at the hotel. So after spending the morning frying pancakes we headed towards Skurdalen, the valley “next door”. The sun was shining and as we came over the mountain and down into the other valley the wind slowly went away.  

Typical Norwegian “hytte” – a mountain cottage/holiday home
First view of Skurdalsfjorden

We parked the car just of the main road and set of into the forest. The goal of the day was to get a nice view over the lake Skurdalsfjorden. And isn’t snowshoes amazing?! You do not even have to follow a trail- you can  walk everywhere, without getting wet or get stuck in deep snow! I love it! Why did I not think about this earlier? Hiking in the winter made accessible and fun!

Akvile takes the lead in order to fine a better view!
Skurdalsfjorden and the Dagali Mountain range to the right

We got our view of the lake, we followed some moose tracks, we had our pancakes and we found some rather nice spots that we will revisit during the summer! I cannot wait for warmer days and barbeque in the sun. Next week my boyfriend is finally comming to Norway again. It have been two months since we last saw eachother. I will hopefully be able to take almost thw whole week off and I really look forward to explore some new places around here with him. With snowshoes of course!

Skurdalsfjorden seen form the shore.


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