Life up North

Long time no see.

I have obviously not been so active here lately. Mainly due to the fact that we have been facing the shoulder season between autumn and winter here the last two months- to bad weather/snowy for hiking and mountainbiking and to little snow for skiing. Further more I have got a new job position (a temporary contract for one year) which have required some more time. But I am still alive.

I have had time to go home to Sweden to visit friends and family, a pit-stop in Stockholm for some techno with friends and a short visit to two of my best friends in Denmark. And best of all might have been when my boyfriend who lives in Germany showed up at their place for a one day visit!

Treasures of the forest
Danish countryside
Autumn sky
Exploring the forest outside Ringsted, Denmark
Afternoon flight to Stockholm


But now I am back in the mountains since two weeks and I have been lucky to have my boyfriend here during 11 of those days. Unfortunatly he flew back to Germany earlier today and I had to take the snowy roads back to Geilo alone. In four weeks I will head down to Germany and then we will continue to the Philippines in order to celebrate christmas and new year there.  Until then I hope that I will be able to do some more frequent updates here, and hopefully a few of them will include some nice snowy landscapes that you have not seen before.

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