Hivjufossen- The Hivjuwaterfall

From out of nowhere the summer surprised us up here earlier this week! 25*C and sun- better weather than we have had during the short summer months!

A few days ago I went to Hivjufossen, a waterfall with an altitude of 250 meters, divided in two cascades, located outside Hovet It is a rather easy and short hike (2-3h back and forth) and the trail starts directly from road 50 and is suitable for everyone!   

A very idyllic farm located on one of the hillsides along the trail

As I climbed the trail towards the top i did not meet a single person. Only me and the blue sky that served as a backdrop to the golden leafs. The autumn in here for real now and I would say that September have been one of the most beautiful months up here. It is something special to experience the shift between seasons in the mountains, the contrasts are so sharp from one season to another and the air always carries a touch of freshness.

Birch forest on fire
Endless mountainranges in Hallingdal
The “backside” of Hallingskarvet and a glimpse of the Hivjuvalley
The first cascade seen from the trail

I rounded up my afternoon with a longer break in the sun with some coffee and contemplation. The seasons are shifting and so am I. My boyfriend and I have grand plans for this time in one year. But the 12 months until then will be exiting. I just got promoted and I started on my new position a few days ago.  So a busy but exiting year is most likely lying in front of me.

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