Bucegi Nationalpark-part 1

We stumbled of the train in Brasov and did not know where to go since we actually planned to go directly to Sinaia and hike from there. However the night train had not really given us the rest that we needed so we set out for a hotel in Brasov in order to buy the last things we needed for our hike.  Sweaty and exhausted we found a hotel in the heart of Brasov. The whole building was breathing Sovjet union but the location and the price was great. After a shower and some sleep we went out and explored the old quarters of Brasov.  The city showed to be quite amazing and very gemutlish. We stocked up on some food ant outdoor gear that we had not bought with us before we got back to the hotel for the night.

The Old town in Brasov

As usually we snoozed to long, the waiter at our breakfast place managed to drop out omelettes so we entered the station running, bought tickets to Sinaia on the ticket machine (that only was in Romanian) and jumped on the train just before it left the station.  . As we had noticed during our journey from Budapest and Brasov there were no station announcements along the ride- just had to keep an eye on the name of the station when the train started to slow down.

We got of in Sinaia and started to walk uphill between parks and houses. I took the lead and of course we went in the wrong direction- something that was going to happen more than one time the coming four days. After approximately two and a half hours we reached the top station of the gondola. Convenient enough there were also a restaurant where we recharged our batteries before we continue uphill in direction towards Cabana Valea Dorolui (1820m)i. We did not meet many hikers but a few mountain bikers. The weather had so far been very good but as we climbed uphill the temperature sank and the clouds came closer and in the distance we could hear thunder.  Since it was already six o clock we decided to spend the night at Cabana Valea Dorolui instead of walking into possibly bad weather.


Josch is reapacking his things at Cabana Dorolui
Our balcony faced the skislopes. It is an understatement to say that skiresorts are a happy place during summer..

After a night with rather bad sleep we continued down to Lacul Bolboci. The day started with crossing the mountain plateau where our shelter for the night was located so that we could reach the trail in to forest that led down to Lacul Bolboci. We met plenty of sheep herders and unfortunately their dogs to who was rather protective of their animals and territory.


We descended the forest trail towards the lake singing in order to keep the bears away. When we reached the lake we took a lunch break by the shore before we continued the last hours to Cabana Padina.

The last hour we walked along a river where people were celebrating their day off with friends and family, barbeque and loads of alcohol. It was a rather surreal contrast to the widespread and empty mountain plateaus that we had walked earlier that day.  But it was a nice feeling- the smell of barbeque in the air, techno beats mixed with typical Romanian music, cars, and tents and in the middle of everything horses and donkeys that were managing their own business.

Early dinner at Cabana Padina
The tent is pitched and in the background donkeys are grassing
Campinglife along the river
Time to wash!

We decided to camp out among the other people who had come there to spend their weekend (apparently there was a mountain marathon going on). After dinner and a small walk in the surrounding areas we were invited to sit around the fire with our neighbours and share their homemade wine with them. The night passed without any incidents- no bears only a bit of thunder.


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