Budapest in 24 hours

Back up north again, to a Norwegian summer with an average temperature of 8*C. Maybe I should not complain since I have so many good things in my life at the moment but after spending 10 days in central Europe where the temperatures was a lot higher it is hard to not feel a bit cheated on the summer this year. But this post will not be about grieving the non-existent summer; it is still only the beginning of August, who knows maybe the summer is just around the corner?

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend and I were setting out on a small journey to Romania for some hiking. In order to avoid the “to much text to little photos” syndrome I will divide our trip into three different posts in order to make it not so boring. Since Josch and I happen to live in two different parts of Europe we figured out that the best place to meet would be in Budapest, Hungary since he was travelling by train from Livigno, Italy and I had to find a flight to a okey price (which is quite a challenge if you fly out from Oslo).

I hardly got any sleep after work on the 11th of July since I had to pack my last things before driving down to Gardermoen, Oslo Airport. I landed in Budapest just after 13.20 where I was greeted with 35*C and sun. I have been in Budapest a few times before so getting from the Airport to the centre was not such a big hustle- one bus and then two times metro. I checked in at our hostel close to the Keleti Station where Josch was going to arrive by train later at night and then I crashed on top of the bed for a couple of hours in order to regain some energy.

After repacking our bags (Josch had somehow managed to bring far too much stuff) after a warm night we left our backpacks at the hostel and headed out to explore Budapest. We had some hours to kill since we were going to catch the night train at 19.10 to Brasov in Romania, thus we wandered around in a 40 degree hot Budapest searching for the last things we needed for our hike and tried to enjoy the beautiful city on a very hot summer day.  However, since both of us had been travelling far the day before we were both quite out of order so the majority of the day was spend sitting down, drinking, walking and then drinking some more.  Around 18.00 we headed back to the hostel to pick up our bags and head for the train station. Our train was due to 19.10 so we had time to stock up with some water and get something to eat. We had bought two tickets for the sleeping waggon and I kind of knew what was waiting us. However, Josch was not really prepared to share this small compartment together with four other persons. And watching him realise what was waiting us the next 14 hours amused me quite a lot.


The Gellért Hill cave and monastery, Budapest


Josch on the Liberty Bridge, Budapest
The Liberty Bridge, Budapest

Thus, we ended up in the restaurant waggon where a rather unfriendly man served us chicken- which actually was pork that was not cooked enough, salad and potatoes and of course some bottles of beer. Around 00.00 the last beer was officially sold since we crossed the boarder, but of course that was not really true and everyone knew that.  Since we were thrown out from the restaurant due to passport control we regrouped together with a group of German guys in the small corridor of the train. The Hungarian police got on the train, checked all the passports, the train started slowly to roll again only to slow down and halt 10 minutes later on the Romanian side where the same procedure was repeated.

A Hungarian Station master



We stayed awake talking and drinking with our fellow travellers for a few hours more before we silent as mice climbed up in our beds for some hours of sleep. I dare to say that both of us where rather dry mouthed and had aching bodies when the heat woke us up a few hours later. I had to share my bed with my backpack due to lack of space and Josch had to realize that the bed was not made for someone who is measuring almost two meters. We were greeted by the others in our compartment that helped us down from the beds and back down on the ground. As expected the train was a few hours delayed and after a cheap and good breakfast in the restaurant waggon (the chef had mysteriously transformed overnight into a very nice and kind person, or maybe he was just happy over being back home in Romania) I went to get our train tickets back. Last night when we got on the train the ticket inspector took our train tickets (and everyone else’s too). However, since Josch got special tickets because of his job at Deutche Bahn he needed them back since they accounted not only for this train ride but all his remaining train rides too. The inspector had been exceptionally rude when we tried to explain that he was actually not allowed to take the tickets but he did not listen. So after some lovey early morning discussions I managed to get the tickets back, but the life loving inspector rather looked like he just wanted to throw me out of the train window.  Two hours delayed we reached Brasov, a city in the heart of Transylvania- it was over 35*C and we had no idea where to go or where to sleep. But at least we had a great hangover to work with. To be continued.

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