Haugastøl to Geilo in almost two days.

Summer in the mountains means high season in the hotel where I work. Thus, having two days free in a row is something that should be celebrated since it allows me to do something that I truly enjoy with the whole of my heart- wild camping. Even if the weather forecast was not looking too promising- around 10 degrees Celsius during the day and some rain I decided to head out for one night in the wild, as we say in Sweden- there is no bad weather only bad clothes. Thus, on the Wednesday morning I packed my backpack and went up to the bus stop and waited for the bus to arrive. The route for these two days was set to be Haugastöl to Geilo over Ustaoset and Prestholtseter. Consequently I had to take me to Haugastöl, a 30 minute drive from Geilo. I was alone in the little green minibus that drives between Geilo and Haugastøl Turistsenter and the bus driver was kind enough to let me of where the trail started instead of letting me off by the tourists enter. The drive was thus well worth the 40kr that I had to pay (cash, no credit card).

Haugastöl to Embretstölen, over Ustaoset and Eimhaee to Prestholtseter and then down to Tufti. The hikingfolder is free and you can get it at the touristinformation but I recomend to also bring a real map.

The trail started more or less directly from the main road and led up to the left between the mountain cabins until I came to a parking lot. From there I followed an unmarked trail to the right leading towards Ustaoset (over Embret) that was leading slightly uphill, passing two or three more mountain cabins before the ground became a bit flatter again.  I passed Kvasshovdtjörre and came to a trail crossing at Karistøltjørne where I turned left towards Hallingskarvet. Even of it was a bit cloudy the sun peaked through the clouds once in a while, spreading its light over the empty landscape. All in all I walked approx. 6 km to Embretstölen and then another 7,5km to Ustaoset where I took a short break in order to reload my batteries and carry on towards Prestholtseter.






In Ustaoset the trail markings again got a bit tricky to follow. However since I have been here before I knew more or less where I had to cross in order to get to the trail leading down to Prestholtseter. I took the winter trail over Lortholhögde and then out of nowhere I found a T-marked trail (red T´s on stones is used by the Norwegian Tourist Association to mark trails) that took me up to the road where I knew that I had to turn left towards Bismi in order to get on the trail to Prestholtseter. I had not seen a single soul during the whole day (except from some sheep at Åkerstölen) and just when leaving Ustaoset I bumped in to a father, his daughter and their dogs. But as I embarked on the trail (Prestholtseter o/ Eimehaee) they took off to the left and I continued straight on. By know I started to get quite tired but I wanted to cross over the Eimeaee plateau and put up my tent  in the valley facing Prestholtseter in order to keep away from the wind. After one hour of walking I found a nice spot with a good view over the Eime River and Prestholtskarvet. Luckily I managed to pitch my tent before the rain started to fall and the night passed without any incidents. Only the sheep with their bells and the rock ptarmigans kept me awake.


I woke up early and a bit colder than I would prefer. Looking out the tent I could conclude that the clouds were slightly lower than the day before. I boiled coffee, got dressed and packed my stuff and by 0715 I was on the road again. Sometime the mountains can seem a bit daunting when the sun is not shining but somehow I really like when the clouds are hanging low and a light rain is falling from the sky. So happy and whistling I walked the last 30-40 minutes to Prestholtseter and it was also here I did my last river crossing. The day before I had encountered some problems with the rivers since the stones in the stream always manage to be placed too far away from each other, or maybe I just have to short legs…


At Prestholtseter I said good morning to the sheep and borrowed the toilet (5kr). Unfortunately the café do not open until the 9th of July and something tells me that It was a bit too early for waffles at this time in the morning.  The last kilometres down to Tuftelia were rather wet, not only did it rain but the trail was covered in water and mud. But I should not complain since the morning was quiet and the air was fresh. Down at Jons Kro in Tuftelia I decided to walk the last kilometres to Geilo along the main road. Another alternative would have been to follow the sign towards Tuftebrui and walk along the lake.


Hungry and rather tired I entered the living room at home around 10.30 and lucky me- my roommates had made pizza- and of course I could not say no to that!

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