In contrary to today, last Sunday was full of sunshine even if the wind at times was a bit heavy. Since I worked evening and night on the Saturday I managed to sleep until 14.30 and was not outside the door until about one hour later. I had plans to walk to Ustetind, a peak located between Geilo and Ustaoset.


So when I headed out I thought that I will most likely only walk half the way since the trail  is approximately 14km – one way – from where I live. I walked the 5minutes down to the big trail going around the lake in Geilo- Ustedalsfjorden until I came to Tuftebrui, losely translated “the Tufte bridge” where i took left up between the threes following to sign towards Ustetind.

View over Geilo and Ustedalsfjorden
Walking along the river on my way to Tuftebrui
Taking the small trail at Tuftebrui


Shortest way to Ustetind? The trail on the right!


Finally above the tree-limit!

But you know how it is, when you have reached above the tree-limit there is no point of return. Especially if you have had a busy week at work, the sun is shining and you find yourself alone in this vast and quiet nature. So I had to walk the whole way- and it was long. It was maybe not so physically challenging since when you have first have reached above the tree-limit you have to cross  a rather flat mountain plateau for about 4-6km. The trail was nice and smooth, but due to some  rain the day before, and the fact that the snow-melting is still going strong higher up in the mountains parts of the trail were hard to find since it partly goes through a swamp like area with a lot of water and some really nice lakes. But a day tour is not complete without some detouring and trying to find back to the trail!

Blue skies over Biskolatjøene
Hallingskarvet in the backround
A break with a view in a stream!
Hallingskarvet from another direction
Acending the second plateu, looking back towards Geilo

Biskolatjøene looked exceptional idyllic with a small red cottage next to the waterfront! A few kilometres after BiskolatjØrne the next climb comes and I reached another plateau that gave me a nice view into Hardangervidda and Hallingskarvet National Park. On the last plateau, approximately 1316 meters above sea-level the trail widened out a bit before it finally got smaller again and led me down the last slope and over one more mountain stream so I could take on the last ascend before reaching Ustetind. It was almost 20.00 when I got up on the top but the evening sun could not have given me a better light to admire the wide landscape below me. Everywhere untouched nature and mountains as long as the eye could see- and this is my backyard.

At Ustetind with an exeptional view towards Ustaoset


At the peak looking out over hundreds of small lakes and
View towards Hardangervidda


I took out my walking sticks for the descend down to Geilo and I experienced almost no kneepain at all. Note to one self; even if it looks stupid to walk with sticks it actually makes it possible for me to do what I love- to explore and feel the nature.

The sun is slowly setting behind Hallingskarvet, but at 21.30 the sun is still shining down on us.

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