A day by the fjord

After spending the last weekend in May with my boyfriend I am now back in Norway again since 10 days or so working and trying to entertain myself best possible, even if it sometimes feels a bit like biking with the wind in your face when your loved ones are not around. On the positive side though the summer have finally really arrived. We have had almost two weeks with sun and temperatures over 20*C. In combination with that I mainly work afternoons and evenings there have been time for some mountain-biking, hiking and river-rafting, as well as a road trip down to the fjord with some of the guys I live with.



Last Sunday we set out over Hardangervidda and drove the well know road nr 7 down towards Eidfjord. After some small stops along the road (and some waiting to get through the tunnels due to maintenance work) we finally found a place where we parked and took out the fishing rods. The others spend some time in order to explore what the deep green water had to offer, whilst I spend my time reading and just enjoying the view and the nice weather.



This is the first summer that I will spend in the mountains. Even if there are multiple lakes to be found close to where I live (and the Fjord is just 1,5h drive away) I am a bit exiting about how it will be. I am used to spend at least a few weeks of my summer along the coast since I am raised in a coastal city. It is funny right, even if we manage to acknowledge that we have everything we want in life we can never be really satisfied and calm since we are always longing for something else?

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