Two days ago I thought that  I had the day off from work and decided to drive across the Hardangervidda and hike up to Vøringsfossen, a waterfall that is to be found in Måbødalen.  The sun was shining through the clouds when I set out from Geilo and during the crossing of the mountain plateau I got a definition of the colour “ice-blue”. The spring is slowly taking back what the snow and ice have for so many months kept hidden under the snow and the ice on the many lakes have starting to melt.  A phenomenon that result in hundreds of turquoise spots all over the mountain.


It is a very special feeling to drive on this long and lonely road that divides the still snow covered landscape in two. Somehow it gives rise to a feeling of total freedom but at the same time a sense of total loneliness in this empty and harsh mountain landscape which contributes to a feeling of not really belonging there.


I hoped to spend the afternoon hiking along the river up to the waterfall. However, there had been an accident in one of the many tunnels that leads down to the place where the hiking trail starts and thus only convoy driving was allowed. In real life that means that you are not allowed to stop the car until you get down to the fjord at the end of all the tunnels. So I had to re-evaluate my options of this afternoon by the waterfall. First I followed the sign to Fossli hotel where one of the main viewpoints is located. However since the summer season in slowly beginning up north- bringing thousands of busloads with tourist to Norway in order to experience this beautiful country a big (and understandable restoration and security work was going on with the path following along the steep edge down towards the river.  In other words I had no luck in my second attempt either.


Fossli Hotel can be seen on the top of the cliff
I hope I will be able to hike up through the gorge later this summer
On my way back to the car still not knowing that I was expected to start work in five minutes- on the other side of the mountain.

In the end I ended up by the viewpoint that at Vöringfossen Kafe and a friendly man that worked with organising the convoy driving told me about an alternative route but somehow I did not manage to find it and good was that since my boss called my an hour later wondering if I had forgotten that I was working today… All in all a nice excursion even if nothing went as planned. I really look forward to return in the summer and later this autumn in order to try to get some nice photos of the location.


2 thoughts on “Vøringfossen

  1. Great shots! I hope to visit Norway one day, looks like a beautiful country and great for hiking!


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