It is a bit scary how fast the time pass when you are in good company. Almost a week ago I set my sails towards Scandinavia again leaving Austria and my boyfriend behind. We had some great days in the Austrian Alps but no matter what it is always unsettling to say goodbye and get on that airplane back “home” when your heart is in many different places at the same time.

However, we were lucky to have a whole week of sunshine which we spent roaming the hills of the Pitztal valley before rounding up the forthcoming rainy week with exploring other parts of the region.  During our stay in Jerzens we rented an apartment of Joschs relatives who are having a small B&B there. One of the days his mothers uncle took us for a hike to the skiresort in the village, Hoschzeiger. We set out around 10.00 in the morning and the sun was already high in the sky. Jackets where changed for t-shirts and the ascent on small dark forest paths was welcomed since we on our second day managed to get the sunburn of the year. After a while the path turned in to a logging road as we continued our slow walk up to the resort area.  Since I am used to hiking and walking in the Scandinavian mountians the huge altitude difference between valley and mountain came as a big surprise for my legs and fitness.  Never the less, after putting the long hills behind a view that is out of this world always seemed to turn up.




After a short lunchbreak and another hours walk we reached the middle station of the resort and we started our decent on the logging roads that normally serve as one of the longest  toboggan trails in Austria during the winter. The dense pine forest turned in to green hills dressed in flowers, small streams of melting water and animals roaming what must be the paradise for them. My time in Austria is over for this time but something tells me that I will return.



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