After a hectic Easter week here in Geilo my parents came to  visit me for a couple of days of skiing.  Coincidentally I happened to have four days of and decided to go with them back to Halmstad for some days and enjoy the Swedish spring and to catch up with some of my good friends back home. Thus when I this afternoon set out for some cross-country skiing back in Geilo I had not even looked at my skis for almost three weeks- something that I was reminded of emergently. Even though the spring sun in fantastic I must admit that I have some problems with figuring out how to get the best out of the skiing on spring snow.

The sun woke me up early this morning and when I got snow under my feets the clock had passed 13.00. After parking my car at Kikut I headed towards the mountain café at Ruperanden, 1100 meters above sea level. Even if the cafe is closed during weekdays it is still a perfect destination for a short ski-tour. The tracks follow a circle trail from the parking lot at Kikut and measures around 11,5 km in all. Already after some hundred meters I could feel the sweat breaking out on my forehead. The April weather is one of a kind- one day it is snowing and raining and the other you can feel the sun burn on your face whilst the birds are singing. Today was one of the latter.


It would be an overstatement to claim that the trail was crowded today. I only met two persons on my way to Ruperanden and well there four persons where relaxing in the sun, a perfect an quiet afternoon in the mountains! I chose a spot in the sun and took out my thermos with tea and something to eat whilst I was listening to the other persons conversations- it was clear that  they were no tourist since the subject was about how good it feels to finally be able to use the mountain again after the tourist invasion during Easter.


After soaking up the sun for an hour or so I decided to head back. The trail sign said that I had 6,5km left to where I parked my car so I left the sun heated little mountain cabin behind and turned my face towards the sun.  The way back went fast- a lot of rolling hills made it a very pleasurable tour and suddenly without any time perspective I was back at the car

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