Early this morning I had to say auf wiedersehen to my loved one at the airport in Oslo for this time. We have had some amazing 10 days together in the Norwegian mountains mainly discovering the cross-country tracks of the region where I live. The last longer day tour we did went to Prestholtseter, a mountain cabin/café located between Geilo and Ustaoset. The sun was shining and the skies was mainly blue when we drove up to Havsdalen and parked the car and embarked on our little adventure.

The previous days I have had some problem with getting good grip with my skis due to rather dodgy snow conditions and after some wining and finally a re-application of glue under the skis we could continue towards Prestholtseter without me complaining over everything and nothing. The wind was rather frisky when we got up on some altitude- sometimes it felt that we were not moving forward at all. However, the thermometer showed around +7*C so no frostbites here!



We struggled up the hills with the wind in our face for about two hours before it started to go downhill again and the wind decreased. It was two happy skiers that arrived to Prestholtseter for a well achieved break and a cup of coffee. The café is located just at the boarder to Hallingskarvet Nationalpark and is during winter only accessible by skis. The atmosphere inside was truly “authentic” Norwegian and we spend quite some time there in order to renew our energy.


On our way back to Geilo we took another track (towards Vestreim) and luckily for us we had the wind in our backs more or less all the way back! I really recommend a visit to this place, it offers some magnificent views and who can resist a warm cup of coffee after some struggling in the wind?


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